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Software for font file creation, organization, manipulation, conversion, display, printing, etc.

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Identifont - Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name
Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name, find picture or symbol fonts, find fonts by designer or publisher. No sans-serif, fonts, popular, searches, serifs, serif, picture, publisher, designer, appearance, reviewed, month, .


FontMap Description
FontMap may be used to view both installed and external fonts in several different formats descriptive information on the font type, copyright, author,..., found, server, fontmap, requested, htmfmright, htmleft, .


FontExplorer X Pro - Font Management Software Free Trial
FontExplorer X is the simple and speedy way to find and curate all of your fonts. Download your free trial today! Download Cancel The All New FontExplorer..., fontexplorer, server, update, users, download, available, check, feature, changes, release, versions, .

FontExpert font manager for Windows supports OpenType, TrueType, Adobe PostScript fonts. Assigns keywords and ratings to fonts. Searches by tags. FontExpert..., fonts, fontexpert, manager, adobe, program, search, windows, missing, version, manage, indesign, .

com typography property property, property, typography, microsoft, .


Font Management and ATM Deluxe - Interactive Training Online at CMU
Font Management and ATM Deluxe Training live online includes a guide to understanding both screen and printer fonts. It provide tutorials on ATM Deluxe and gives technical hints on working with PostScript, TrueType, and Multiple Master fonts. Written by Taz Talley, desktop publishing guru, this course..., cornermark, deluxe, course, fonts, online, truetype, postscript, updates, order, master, provide, .


EuroCheck verifies your fonts, printer, keyboard for euro symbol support
EuroCheck software checks your fonts, printer, keyboard and operating system for euro symbol support EuroCheck was developed in cooperation with the German..., eurocheck, doesn, software, fonts, symbol, neuber, german, system, require, dutch, installation, .


CrossFont Windows font software to convert OpenType, TrueType and PostScript type-1 pfb fonts
CrossFont software converts OpenType otf, TrueType ttf, PostScript type-1 pfb fonts between Mac and Windows PC. Screen Snapshots Reviews Ratings Rated..., fonts, crossfont, convert, opentype, windows, truetype, files, license, macintosh, archives, support, .


Acentos y otras yerbas
0 programa organizador de Horarios Escolares Programa de cortes a, para obsequiar a sus clientes mm - conversor de unidades webs, equivalences, shows, language, programa, character, windows, download, acentos, share, accepted, software, .


Font viewer utility for viewing fonts install on win
It hooks into the Windows shell interface Explorer and lets you easily view and print TrueType fonts right from the Windows operating system, viewer, fonts, windows, print, games, installed, different, system, download, phrase, interface, .


High-Logic Produces Font Editing and Font Management Software for the Professional
FontCreator the most popular font editor. MainType the best professional font manager and font viewer. Scanahand can easily generate a font of your own..., fonts, logic, scanahand, software, fontcreator, maintype, graphic, editor, advanced, support, existing, .


Software Design - FontShow for Windows by Gregory Braun
Display all fonts installed on MS Windows systems The selected font's metrics can be viewed in a small font properties window by simply double-clicking..., fontshow, selected, currently, support, windows, character, place, displayed, window, viewed, bytes, .


Iseatech Software Provides Font Manager, Bit Font Creator and Bitmap Converter tools.
BitFontCreator the best bitmap font generator. FontSuit the professional Windows font manager and font viewer. GLCD Bitmap Converter can easily generate..., bitmap, bitfontcreator, fonts, software, converter, iseatech, product, support, embedded, professional, helps, .


Fontseek free fonts search engine, finding font search engine
font search engine for free fonts download Home Live-Seach Top Fonts Font Viewer Are you looking for a font? Enter the font name here and you will find..., fonts, search, frutiger, fontseek, adrian, download, viewer, renner, grotesk, dalton, futura, .


Free Fonts search and download
Free Fonts search and download. offers a searchable database of 55.000 OpenType, TrueType and PostScript Type 1 fonts from Adobe, Linotype,..., fonts, results, download, keyboard, searches, monogram, gujarati, search, vanavil, doesn, rufus, .


Fonts - Bing
com WhatTheFont Seen a font in use and want to know what it is? Upload an image to WhatTheFont to find the closest matches in our database, fonts, pagina, vertalen, download, windows, quality, https, myfonts, dafont, function, feedback, .


Font-Software, Schrift-Tools, Font-Dienstleistungen, Typografischer Service!
Font-Software (Font-Editors) und Dienstleistungen f r technische Tyopografie. Vom einfachen Programm zur Erzeugung von Pixel-Fonts bis zum professionellen..., software, dienstleistungen, schriften, hinting, schrift, tools, kontor, bitfonter, transtype, editors, ihnen, .


True Type Font to Postscript type 1 Converter
Unfortunately the Type 1 specification was full of references to the Postscript Language Reference Manual, which was only available in book format, fonts, ttf2pt1, adobe, postscript, andrew, weeks, ttf2pfa, produced, t1utilities, implement, specification, .


The FreeType Project
The FreeType Project: a free, high-quality and portable font engine org Page maintained by Werner Lemberg Last update: 04-Dec-2010 freetype, freetype, sourceforge, lemberg, werner, update, maintained, mirror, choose, europe, france, please, .


Font Viewer for Windows 7, Vista, XP, Free and Easy Font Viewer, Advanced Fonts Viewer
Font viewer - freeware and shareware, print fonts list You can use this feature using the popup menu of the search result list after you previously select..., released, photo, fonts, viewer, duplicate, program, added, advanced, hunter, organizer, digital, .


How you organize your fonts is up to you create sets by project, client, font type, or whatever categories work best for your individual habits, fonts, masterjuggler, control, access, organize, quick, ideas, create, system, store, compatible, .


Font Manager for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & XP | Printer's Apprentice
Printer's Apprentice is a font manager for Windows. View and manage your fonts. Print samples, catalogs and font books. Tweets by loseyourminddev Lose Your Mind Development Software for Windows from Berwyn, PA ©2015 by Lose Your Mind Development and Bryan T, apprentice, printer, download, support, fonts, available, history, windows, development, found, version, .


Insider Software - Font and digital asset managers
Welcome to Insider Software, makers of the FontAgent font manager and font servers, and the Expo digital asset manager. insidersoftware, insidersoftware, .


AL-Software - Font Installer
AL Font Installer is addition to the control panel Windows Fonts. It provides more convenient way for installing a new fonts on your computer. With the..., fonts, download, computer, installer, support, program, viewing, through, installed, windows, color, .