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Stanford CS Theory
Stanford CS Theory Group Please see the research page for an overview of research in a sampling of areas, and refer to the faculty pages for specific..., theory, stanford, research, computer, motwani, algorithms, applications, analysis, techniques, design, seminar, .


Excalibur - Home Page
A snapshot of our software development repository with documentation, source code, and examples has been posted on the DragonBreath engine's page, planning, engine, project, excalibur, constraints, agents, included, information, publication, questions, march, .


Game Semantics or Linear Logic?
The page is about an alternative to linear logic called computability logic. It is semantics-based unlike the syntax-based linear logic. Computational..., logic, computability, linear, semantics, games, classical, resources, called, japaridze, resource, formulas, .


Heuristic Goal-seeking Framework download
Heuristic Goal-seeking Framework download. Heuristic Goal-seeking Framework 2014-03-09 23 02 18.251000 free download. Heuristic Goal-seeking Framework Fifteen puzzle, with its own goal-seeking to find the best solution Terms Privacy Opt Out Choices Advertise Software Delivery Screenshots can attract..., attract, project, users, features, sourceforge, goalseeker, projects, screenshots, choices, privacy, advertise, .


Machine Learning in Games
How computers can learn to get better at playing games. A site for AI researchers and game programmers. This site is for artificial intelligence researchers..., learning, games, methods, programs, algorithms, stuff, pages, search, papers, online, playing, .


SimBionic 3.0
SimBionic 3.0 is an open source software project that makes it possible to specify real-time intelligent software agents quickly, visually, and intuitively..., simbionic, visual, simulation, intelligent, houlette, training, software, behavior, proceedings, system, conference, .


The SteeringBehaviors Webpage
Homepage of the Steering Behaviors project. Full source code available. Java Applets to see the A pathfinding algorithm and the simulation in action. Authors..., behaviors, steering, software, presented, model, reynolds, check, download, available, version, paper, .


Dynamic Stochastic Control - A New Approach to Game Tree Searching
applies dynamic stochastic control to the area of game tree searching, and proves some policies are optimal for simple search based games, search, searching, control, dynamic, stochastic, approach, remaining, basis, player, obstacles, problem, .


CGF-AI Links
Links to papers and presentations on tactical game AI from the game industry, defence research and academia Towards More Realistic Pathfinding by Marco..., tactical, based, design, games, terrain, conference, using, presentation, workshop, artificial, planning, .


Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory
The laboratory was affiliated with On Time Systems , a company originally spun off to commercialize some of the technology developed at CIRL, systems, laboratory, developed, operate, continues, modified, uoregon, technology, originally, longer, research, .


Jay Scott at
my little stuff Planet Wars 2010 and followup My entry in the 2010 game AI contest, with post mortem and newer bots I wrote afterward, stuff, artificial, service, scott, terms, swapa, trading, updated, markybot, daily, language, .


KRL Home Page - Caltech Kellogg Radiation Laboratory
We are also building a new experiment to search the Electric Dipole Moment of the neutron nEDM whose existence violates Time Reversal Symmetry, laboratory, physics, program, research, experimental, radiation, neutrons, kellogg, caltech, search, standard, .


RoboCup Federation official website
RoboCup Federation official website, see our events, news, leagues and organization. When established in 1997, the original mission was to field a team..., robocup, league, videos, robot, robots, soccer, rescue, nagoya, stream, trustee, competitions, .


A Pathfinding for Beginners
As in the Risk example, you would save this adjacency information in a lookup table of some kind and use it when generating your new open list items, square, squares, pathfinding, starting, units, paths, nodes, adjacent, current, article, using, .


Amit s A Pages
Copyright 2017 Amit Patel From Red Blob Games I started writing this in 1997 last modified 16 Jul 2017 theory, movement, distance, search, point, pathfinding, algorithm, moving, heuristics, heaps, polygon, multiple, .


Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters
Models for the locomotion level of an autonomous vehicle The Physics of Racing Car Physics for Games Automobile Ride, Handling, and Suspension Design, steering, behaviors, autonomous, virtual, based, describes, games, characters, following, using, motion, .

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